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Our story
Many minds, one common goal: the culture of quality

La nostra storia inizia a Milano nel 2019, dal sogno dei co-founder Karyn e Carmelo di portare la cultura della qualità nelle loro aree di competenza.

Da quel momento, il nostro team è cresciuto, accogliendo nuove professionalità provenienti da tutta Italia. Grazie alle loro esperienze, competenze e creatività, siamo riusciti a realizzare numerosi progetti di successo e a stabilire solide collaborazioni con numerosi partner europei.

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Our story begins in Milan in 2019, with the dream of co-founders Karyn and Carmelo to bring the culture of quality into their areas of expertise.

Since then, our team has grown, welcoming new professionals from all over Italy. Thanks to their experiences, skills, and creativity, we have been able to carry out numerous successful projects and establish solid collaborations with numerous European partners.

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Close even when apart: explore the Quality Culture team

Ours is a unique team: diverse backgrounds, eclectic talents, and many shared values.

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Learing by travelling

We're often on the road to meet our partners, explore new training methods, and discover extraordinary innovative realities.
Join us in retracing the journeys of this incredible year!

Mission and values
Ideas in service of people

La nostra missione è  portare la cultura della qualità in ogni aspetto del nostro lavoro.
Ma come lo facciamo?

  • Studiamo e applichiamo metodologie educative innovative
  • La digitalizzazione è  il nostro alleato: utilizziamo le nuove tecnologie per rendere l'esperienza di apprendimento coinvolgente e di valore.
  • Detestiamo le barriere. Per questo motivo, lavoriamo per rendere i nostri prodotti e servizi accessibili a chiunque.

Lo facciamo già nel presente, ma vogliamo migliorare ancora di più nel futuro. Per questo, il “domani” ci sta a cuore e vogliamo proteggerlo contribuendo a costruire una società sostenibile.

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Our mission is to bring the culture of quality into every aspect of our work.
But how do we do it?

  • We study and apply innovative educational methodologies.
  • We study and apply innovative educational methodologies. Digitalization is our ally: we use new technologies to make the learning experience engaging and valuable.
  • We detest barriers. That's why we work to make our products and services accessible to everyone.

We are already doing this in the present, but we want to improve even more in the future. That's why "tomorrow" is important to us, and we want to protect it by contributing to building a sustainable society.

Our partners
What makes our projects special?
The bond with our partners.

We actively collaborate with our partners, building a strong and lasting connection with them.
Together, we write and implement projects that make a difference.

Giulia Parola

For me, working with QC means being on solid ground. I'm not only talking about the high level of professionalism but also about the friendships and shared moments that always make you come back willingly, as if it were your favorite restaurant.

Giulia Basso

Quality Culture is like Pippi Longstocking, an icon of originality in the landscape of European education, challenging conventions with creativity and audacity with the aim of constantly improving the world.

Natalia Truszkowska

Having such a partner as Quality Culture is a great value for our company. First of all, QC provides high-quality content and materials that significantly add value to our projects presence and visibility. QC supports us in our day-to-day project management, which helps to increase our productivity and efficiency. With its support, we can focus on key aspects of our business and projects. Another advantage of QC is the timely delivery of tasks. This means we don't have to worry about delays and can confidently plan our projects. The cooperation also gives us confidence that tasks are performed at the highest level of quality. This has a positive impact on the perception of our company and builds our reputation. QC often brings new ideas and perspectives, which can help our business grow. Their fresh perspective on things inspires innovation and development in our company.

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