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logo meath partnership

Meath Partnership

Meath Partnership is a non-governmental organization committed to enhancing the economic, social, and cultural quality of life in County Meath by fostering sustainable rural communities.

logo mine vaganti ngo

Mine Vaganti NGO

Mine Vaganti NGO is a non-profit organization offering services including education and training, project design and development, international mobility, and consultancy in the fields of youth, adults, education, and sports.

logo università di valencia

Università di Valencia

The University of Valencia is a prominent academic institution ranked among the top 300 globally and the top 117 in Europe. UV has a dedicated unit focused on the development of European and international research projects.

logo the polish farm advisory

The Polish Farm Advisory

Polish Farm strongly believes that agriculture is one of the main drivers of economic growth in Poland and aims to contribute to the creation of new enterprises in rural areas of Poland to stimulate the green economy and promote the revitalization of rural areas.

logo jugend am werk

Jugend am Werk

Jugend am Werk is an organization that focuses on the needs of individuals and develops solutions based on their requirements and resources. It promotes physical and mental well-being, health, and social inclusion through outdoor activities and the care of both body and mind.

logo NGO NEST Berlin


NGO NEST Berlin is a non-governmental organization involved in numerous projects related to social inclusion and community development. They collaborate with migrant support organizations and provide training for education professionals.

logo tandem plus

Tandem Plus

TANDEM Plus is a network aimed at organizing cultural activities and fostering the participation of local communities. They promote lifelong learning and encourage participation in social, educational, and cultural activities.

logo right challenge

Right Challenge

Rightchallenge addresses the effects of climate change by promoting sustainable and participatory actions based on common ecological values. Additionally, it provides education and professional training to increase youth awareness of climate change.

logo IAgroCert


IAgroCert was established in Greece with the aim of supporting the strategic development of the agri-food sector by promoting quality products, enhancing their brand identity and quality, as well as their commercial value in both domestic and international markets.

logo central for social innovation

Center for Social Innovation

CSI is a social innovation center that fights social exclusion and inequality. CSI works on the economic and civic development of the community, supporting NEETs in finding employment and becoming actively engaged in their communities.

logo propel


PROPEL Europe is an organization aimed at providing all European citizens with the tools to shape a better future for themselves, the environment they live in, local economies, and other European and global citizens.

logo doukas school

Doukas School

Doukas School is an educational institution dedicated to studying innovative learning methodologies and ensuring quality education for its students, from early childhood to higher education.

logo Rezos Brands

Rezos Brands

Rezos Brands is an agri-food SME with extensive experience in the superfood and functional food sector. The company employs a short supply chain model that encompasses cultivation, harvesting, research, processing, packaging, storage, marketing, and distribution.

logo callidus


Callidus is an adult education institute that focuses on developing skills related to the circular economy in the service sector. They provide training to both employed and unemployed individuals to equip them with essential skills related to the circular economy.

logo jugend am werk


The Education Agency for Development and Innovation is an agency specialized in educational development and innovation, aiming to enhance the transversal skills, critical thinking, entrepreneurial mindset, and creativity of European citizens.

logo aede


The Association Europé enne des Enseignants is a network that connects over 25,000 teachers, principals, and educators from across Europe. The association aims to provide support and disseminate innovative teaching methodologies throughout Europe.

logo ampersand

North Macedonia

Ampersand is a non-governmental organization focused on empowering individuals through the development of their skills and abilities, with the aim of creating a strong social impact and bringing local communities closer to the values and standards of the European Union.

logo hypex


ypex is an Italian startup dedicated to developing next-generation interactive experiences. Hypex has conceived and developed a platform that allows anyone to create highly sophisticated interactive stories that can be experienced on smartphones and tablets.

logo nicea


Nicea is an association that promotes intercultural dialogue, non-formal education, mutual understanding, and solidarity. The association's mission is to encourage and empower individuals through non-formal education and experiential learning.

logo lecsa


The Latvian European Community Studies Association is a non-profit organization that focuses on the political and economic education of European citizens and society regarding EU policies through research projects, conferences, debates, study visits, and publications.

logo aeii


The Asociaciòn Educativa por la Integraciòn y la Igualdad organizes training programs for female entrepreneurs with the aim of strengthening female entrepreneurship and increasing the number of female entrepreneurs in Spain. Additionally, it helps young girls obtain better education and enter the workforce.

logo Jinishian Memorial Foundation


Jinishian Memorial Foundation is a foundation that provides economic, social, and spiritual assistance to millions of needy Armenians. The JMF implements development projects aimed at overcoming poverty in the region through its involvement in various networks.

logo global otec

United Kingdom
Global OTEC

Global OTEC accelerates the commercialization of OTEC technology to develop low-emission energy sources. Its goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on the planet through the use of technologies created and developed by its team.

logo Cleantech Engineering

United Kingdom
Cleantech Engineering

Cleantech Engineering specializes in the design of offshore floating marine structures, mooring systems, and cable lifter systems. It designs and analyzes infrastructure across various sectors of marine energy.

logo Agru Kunststofftechnik Gesellshaft


Agru Kunststofftechnik Gesellschaft is the world's leading supplier of high-quality products made from engineering plastics, serving numerous industrial sectors. It is also the largest global producer of HDPE pipes.

logo plocan

Canary Islands

Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands is a multifunctional service center supporting research, technological development, and innovation in the marine and maritime sectors. Its mission is to promote long-term observation and sustainability of the ocean.

logo Università di Plymouth

United Kingdom
Università di Plymouth

The School of Engineering, Computing, and Mathematics at the University of Plymouth is a community comprised of over 150 researchers. The organization hosts a broad portfolio of research in the offshore renewable energy sector, coastal engineering, and advanced materials.

logo global WavEc Offshore Renewables


WavEC Offshore Renewables is an association dedicated to the development and promotion of marine renewable energies. WavEC connects science to industry, bringing together a wide network of partners and clients.