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Building environmental awareness and sustainability values through the Head, Heart, Hands Model for Transformative Learning

Addressing climate change is one of the key challenges of our time, especially for younger generations aspiring to a more sustainable future. However, the complexity of this challenge often induces a sense of immobility termed eco-anxiety among the youth, leading to stress and other forms of distress. Through the 'Head, Hands, Heart' methodology, BEST supports young people and socio-educational animators in understanding the crisis and developing an action plan, equipping young activists with the necessary tools to become agents of change.

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Active citizenship
Europe United and Diverse

With the EDU project, we aim to help young European citizens understand the rights, responsibilities, and benefits of being part of the European Union. Through the creation of educational and informational materials, we will assist them in understanding the importance of diversity in Europe, promoting unity and the ability of Member States to make decisions together for the greater good of the entire community. Our goal? To combat Euroscepticism by spreading, in a light and entertaining manner, European history and culture.

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Youth empowerment
YOUng people STANDing OUT through the promotion of local heritage in rural areas

Young people living in rural areas often face numerous challenges, such as lack of educational and job opportunities, geographic isolation, and rapid depopulation of their communities. With the You.Stand.Out project, we aim to facilitate access to employment and create new roles that support the development of rural areas. Through acquiring key skills in digital marketing, young people will be able to promote and enhance local heritage, including culture, food, and the natural environment.

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Female entrepreneurship
Unlocking the POtential of Women in social EntRepreneurship

Due to numerous socio-cultural barriers and the challenges of balancing family commitments with work activities, women aspiring to start their own businesses still face many obstacles. Through the U.Power project, we aim to promote greater female participation in the world of social entrepreneurship, thus overcoming gender barriers. We will provide educators who will accompany them on their journey with coaching and mentoring skills to help unlock the potential of aspiring female entrepreneurs. This way, they will be ready to build a more inclusive future characterized by professional growth and fulfillment.

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Agricolture and sustainability
Digital marketing to promote sustainability in the agri-food industry

The rapid and revolutionary technological innovations affect every sector, including agriculture. This is why we talk about Agriculture 4.0, a digital revolution that accompanies the farmer in all phases of their activity. With the SUSTAGRI 4.0 project, we aim to assist small-scale farmers and owners of sustainable agro-industries in navigating this revolution by imparting important digital marketing skills to them. By helping them connect with their local community through digital tools, we will promote the adoption of sustainable practices and a food culture that favors local products.

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Ambiente ed energia
Tested Optimised Floating Ocean Thermal Eenergy Conversion Platform

The climate crisis presents us with an unprecedented challenge: finding new solutions to produce energy that are sustainable and, at the same time, capable of meeting the energy needs of a society in constant technological progress. Within the PLOTEC project, we are studying a scalable system for converting ocean thermal energy (OTEC technology) that can withstand extreme environmental conditions. This collaboration involves seven brilliant organizations from different European countries, specializing in marine renewable energies and research.

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Social inclusion
FosterINg migranTs intEGRAtion with crowdfunding

Young migrants or those with minority ethnic backgrounds are often subjected to systematic discrimination, hindering their employment pathways. Through the INTEGRA project, we aim to help them overcome these barriers by providing them with the necessary skills to start their own social enterprises using crowdfunding. Through collective funding activities, young migrants will be able to achieve their entrepreneurial goals and finally enjoy the same opportunities as their local peers.

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Closer To the Farm: empowering young people for sustainable and short food supply chains

The main objectives of the project include enhancing young people's knowledge of the crucial role of Short Food Supply Chains (SFSC) in food sustainability and promoting healthy and accessible food consumption. The project aims to improve the skills of young workers and farmers by integrating gamification and Question-Based Methodology (QBM) into awareness-raising activities for young people. Additionally, the project aims to reduce the gap between consumers and producers by supporting the concept of short food supply chains. Finally, the initiative aims to raise awareness of successful SFSC-related initiatives, promote their replicability, and encourage active youth citizenship.

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Integrate - Supporting the Integration of Migrants Across Europe

The project aims to achieve several goals. Firstly, it aims to develop intercultural communication skills among young people, youth workers, and community members. Additionally, the goal is to promote young people's critical thinking regarding global justice and identity. The project also aims to foster empathy and compassion in society, increase awareness of European culture and identity, and develop employability skills for both young people and migrants. Finally, it aims to promote responsible and active global citizenship.

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Social inclusion
FEAT-DS - Electronics and Employability Advancement for Adults with Down Syndrome

The project aims to support adults with Down syndrome by providing tools and training designed to enhance their skills applicable in the job market. This will increase their employability and level of autonomy, ensuring a more integrated and fulfilling lifestyle. To achieve this, the project consortium will implement tools and formative experiences to support both adults with Down syndrome and their educators, using methodologies such as Mentoring, Tinkering, and Coding.

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